2018 First Winsun Internal Training Class to Start

2018-08-10 09:42:33 Winsun Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd. Viewd 263

In the evening of January 26th, in the 311 meeting room, the first internal training class was start, Director Xi Qian was invited to give us the class. The class was surrounded with "the marketing and maintenance of foreign trade big clients", members from different departments attended.

First, Director Xi talked about the ability that excellent foreign trade team marketing needed from four aspects: first, profession; second, team working and service ability; third, insistence and good mentality; forth, use empathy to solve clients' problems.

Later, she stated how to maintain big clients from four aspects: first, how to deal with clients' visit and be a good host; second, documentary process and control; third, visit clients; forth, how to deal with clients' complaints.

Director Xi also shared some tricks from her sales and risk and points in her big clients marketing.

In class, with Director Xi's guidance, attendees also shared many cases occurred in daily work. The atmosphere was becoming active and attendees chatted and discussed with each other. Experience and trouble were shared and discussed.

At Last, Director Xi recommended a book to attendees a book from Neil Rackham SPIN SELLING, which placed hope of learning the new idea and being better at work from Director Xi.