Winsun Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock foreign trade enterprise with annual USD 260 million of export-import volume.

Winsun Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd. is a professional joint-stock foreign trade enterprise with a registered capital of 62 million yuan. The main business scope of the group company is cargo import and export, import and export agency, inspection and testing service, international cargo transportation agency, Social and economic consulting services, etc. At present, the main products are luggage, chemicals, clothing, hardware and electrical machinery, medical insurance, furniture and daily necessities, etc., which are exported to more than 90 countries and regions around the world. The total import and export in 2022 is 204 million US dollars.

Company Profile
The company was established in January 1987. After several deepening reforms of the property rights system, it has developed from the original state-owned foreign trade company to the current private joint-stock company. The group company owns Jiaxing Sunlong Industry and Tradeing Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Folansike Tourism Co.,Ltd. Jiaxing Winshare Industrial Co.,Ltd. Jiaxing City Lai Shang Travel Products Co., Ltd., Winsun (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd., Jiaxing Winsun Consulting Co., Ltd. and many other subsidiaries.

Company Advantage

1. We have a very dedicated and professional foreign trade team, with professional personnel accounting for 77%, and we can provide high-quality professional foreign trade services.

2. The company has always adhered to the concept of integrity and law, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2001, and passed the customs audit in 2013. It is now an AEO advanced certification company.

3. For many years, our company has been a foreign-managed Class A foreign exchange-related enterprise, and is the first batch of AAA customers in Zhejiang Province, the first batch of national and local tax AAA enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and the first batch of Class A export tax-exempt enterprises in Jiaxing.

4. In terms of funds, the company has a history of more than ten years of cooperation with the Export-Import Bank of China, and maintains good cooperation with local banks, so as to have a broad financing platform and sufficient credit.

5. The company adheres to the tenet of "respecting contracts and keeping credibility", and has won a high reputation in the international market by virtue of its advantages in quality, service and brand. At the same time, we continue to develop diversified operations, and signed cooperation agreements with many brands in Europe, Australia and so on. Maintaining trade relations with more than 1,000 customers all over the world, there are more than 1,000 stable domestic suppliers, which effectively enhances the popularity of Jiaxing's local industrial bases, plays a leading role in the demonstration of local enterprises, and contributes to the development of Jiaxing's local economy. And contribute to the promotion of employment.

Company Advantage

Business Features

1. Based on the main business of import and export, the company uses supply chain management as a booster, product research and development and talent innovation mechanism as the source of power, mutual promotion of trade and finance, trade practice and trade services, and strives for the "Internet +" era Realize the corporate vision of "Building the Most Outstanding Solution Provider for Comprehensive Foreign Trade Services".

2. As one of the company's main products, luggage has been formed from the trademark registration in 1999. So far, it has formed a comprehensive supply chain pattern from design to testing to product terminals-"user experience". It has a professional design team and testing center. , And began to step out of the direct marketing overseas market in 2014. The main luggage brand "MODS" has won the honors of Jiaxing Famous Trademark, Jiaxing Service Famous Brand, Zhejiang Export Famous Brand, Zhejiang Famous Brand and so on.

Business Features
In the future, the company will further integrate global high-quality resources, build an international enterprise, enhance the international image, increase market development efforts, and constantly innovate and break through in the marketing model. To achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages in all aspects of international trade with production enterprises, to jointly provide high-quality Chinese products and services for the international market, and contribute to the steady growth of Jiaxing's foreign trade and the development of Jiaxing's real economy!


Approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the name was changed to Winsun Imp. & Exp. Group Co., Ltd.


The company deepened the reform of the property rights system for the third time, all state-owned shares were withdrawn, and the modern enterprise system with clear property rights was further improved.


The company deepened reform for the fourth time, increased capital and shares, registered capital of 32.88 million yuan, and established a joint stock limited company. In June of the same year, it was changed to Zhejiang Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. with the approval of Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce


Increased capital and shares to 62 million yuan in registered capital.


Approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, the name was changed to Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.


On the basis of the five-mechanized business section of the former foreign trade company, China Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation Zhejiang Jiaxing Branch Company and China Chemical Import and Export Corporation Zhejiang Jiaxing Branch Company were established.


The above-mentioned two branch companies merged to establish the five-machine chemical medicine import and export company in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, and obtained the import and export operation right after being approved by the Provincial Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation.


The country's foreign trade management rights were cleaned up and rectified, and the merged import and export management rights of the company were merged into Jiaxing Import and Export Company. The company resumed the source foreign trade company, and the name was changed to Jiaxing Wujihua Medical Foreign Trade Company. At the same time, the company also established the name of the five-machine chemical branch of Jiaxing Import and Export Company, a set of teams and two brands to continue the import and export business.


Approved by the Jiaxing Economic System Reform Commission, Jiaxing Wujihua Medical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was changed to Jiaxing Wujihua Medical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. after the first property right system reform, and the registered capital was 2.765 million yuan after restructuring State-owned holding company.


With the approval of the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Jiaxing Wuji Chemical Medical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was granted new import and export rights.


The company carried out the second deepening of the reform of the property rights system. The registered capital was expanded to 12.8 million yuan, of which state-owned shares accounted for 26% of the total share capital, natural persons 49%, and employee joint-stock shares 25%. Approved by the Provincial Department of Foreign Trade in 2001, Jiaxing Wujihua Medical Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. was approved to change its foreign business name to Zhejiang Winsun Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

Voice of MD
Voice of MD
The international economy is changing rapidly, and the foreign trading business is going forward. We have been established in the field of import and export for almost three decades since the opening of Winsuns. In accordance with the belief of "Congregating Diverse Rivers Together, Keeping Genuine Credit Forever", a growing number of Winsuns are making progress in the tides of reformation, and the innovation of business. Also the company has become a large-scale import and export group incorporation, with a total registered capital of 62 million Yuan, after several shareholding system reformations.

In the company’s growing years, “Integrity, Inclusion, Gratitude, and Excellence” was imbedded as the core values of the company. Not only is the business model innovated, but also the people-oriented concept is implanted in every detailed part of the company’s management. How to improve in value creating, staffs welfare and society contribution is not only our established mission, but also the target that the company needs to explore and improve in future management.
Looking forward to the future, being established in the local economy,  working together to explore and the practice the Chinese Dream of economic growth is still a formidable task. All our  staffs shall mantain the spirit of diligence and be pragmatic, absorb the essence of our wonderful Chinese culture, take advantage of innovation and stand together to create new success.
I am convinced that in the future, the Winsun Group will not only be an integrated and inclusive platform of work, but also an open, equal, cooperated and shared platform of entrepreneurship. The growth of all staff is the most valuable treasure for us.



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